The World's First Hands-Free Arm Compression Massager
Provides Pain Relief On-The-Go!

The Fist Assist

Model FA-1

Arm compression health wearable prevents arm pain

FDA 510(k) Cleared

Now for Sale in the U.S.

Help Your Mom with Arm Pain thumbnail

Help Your Mom with Arm Pain

You love your Mom.
She’s helped you with so much.
You know the love and care she feels for you.
Even when things aren’t perfect.
So now you can help YOUR Mom.
You know she has arm pain.
It may be from arthritis and joint pain
Or diabetes
Or carpal tunnel syndrome
Or Raynaud’s disease

She’s tried all sorts of things to help
Spikey ball massager
Massage roller
Even professional massage

How would you like to give her a gift
That is clinically effective and safe
And approved by the FDA
That she can use any time of the day

It’s the new hands-free Arm Compression Massager
from Fist Assist Devices.
Invented by a Stanford trained vascular surgeon,
Dr. Tej Singh, this wearable battery powered
Arm compression massager provides intermittent
Massage for up to one hour.

She can use it twice a day over a light shirt.
The Device improves circulation in the arm
Which brings blood flow and healing nutrients
To any part of the arm


And it won’t break the bank.
The suggested retail price is just $99,
And you can ship it directly to her.
She’ll love you for it.

The new Arm Compression Massager
from Fist Assist Devices of Las Vegas Nevada.

Send it to your Mom today.

Enjoy the Breakthrough Wearable for Arm Health!

Intermittent muscle compression.
Promotes circulation.
Reduces pain.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Uses 2 AA Batteries
(Not included)

Pain relief on-the-go.
Now for sale in U.S.
FDA 510(k) cleared.

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